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Welcome to the website of the Radnor Democratic Committee. Radnor Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania is a community of approximately 31,000 people located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. As always, our party continues to stand for accountability, openness, civility and fiscal responsibility in government. We welcome all in Radnor Township to join us and to help us do our part to make our township, county, state and nation more responsive to the needs and concerns of its citizens.

In recent years, the Radnor Democratic Party has grown exponentially. We have welcomed many former Republicans and Independents into our party. We are tolerant of and respectful toward divergent viewpoints. We believe in civil, respectful, but robust debate on the issues.

Voters who are registered as Independent (no party affiliation) cannot vote in Pennsylvania's primary elections to nominate a party's candidates. If you are registered Independent, but want to have a voice in who is nominated in the Pennsylvania primaries, join us.

If you are a Republican, but see that your party no longer represents your viewpoints, join us. You are definitely not alone. The Republican Party that so many in Radnor used to belong to does not exist anymore. The likes of Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Pat Toomey and the "Tea Party" have transformed the Republican Party into one dominated by far right wing anger, slogans, complaints and extremes, but no solutions.

Our country is still reeling from the 8 year nightmare which was the Bush Administration. That damage can't be fixed overnight. For real change to happen, we have to give change a chance. That means electing Democrats to continue the hard work of putting our government and our country back on track again.

We Democrats have set up a big tent here in Radnor and look forward to coming together to help improve the quality of life here. We won't agree on everything but we will agree on one thing - it takes hard work and good faith to effect positive change. Join us.

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George Badey Chair,

Radnor Township Democratic Committee

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Our valuable member George J. Badey has been with us since Sunday, 01 August 2010.